About MIIC

  • New Material Industry Incubation Community
    The New Material Industry Incubation Community (hereinafter referred to as the Community, New Material Industry Incubation Community), with entrepreneurial incubation institutions as the core, unites large enterprises, investment institutions, professional service institutions, and high-growth incubating enterprises in the field of new materials industries for the new material industry The development of innovation provides a new platform for collaborative innovation and win-win cooperation.
  • Industrial Incubation Acceleration Fund
    To enhance the incubation service capabilities of new materials industry incubation institutions and promote the accelerated growth of several high-quality enterprises, the community has set up a new material industry acceleration fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund, Material Industry Acceleration Fund-MIAF), which is currently entrusted to Beijing Jingchuangtianzuo as a fund management company, it is the GP that initiated the new material industry acceleration fund.

MIIC service

  • Member

    The members of the community take entrepreneurship and incubation institutions as the core and cooperate with large enterprises, investment institutions, and professional service institutions in the field of new materials to build an industry incubation ecology.

  • Community

    The community provides members with interactive information exchange and experience sharing

  • Enterprise

    High-growth enterprises that have obtained more than one round of investment in incubation or recently graduated

Grow with MIIC

  • Resource Sharing

    Community members will share and open up related resources for entrepreneurship and incubation services, including research and development platforms, marketing channels, investment and financing capabilities, resources for experts and mentors, professional service institutions, international partners, and business space for enterprises.

  • Value-added income

    Community members can recommend focusing on incubating enterprises, using their own resources to form an interesting relationship with the enterprise and providing related value-added services and support, a joint investment can enable members to obtain investment income, and post-investment management of incubating enterprises can enable members to enjoy industry accelerated fund revenue sharing.

  • Accelerate funds

    The incubation enterprises recommended by the community members have the priority to obtain the opportunity to invest in accelerated funds. The investment institutions and large companies owned by the community will provide more financing opportunities for incubating enterprises and provide the acceleration funds needed by startups.

  • Co-incubation

    Among the members of the community, the incubating enterprises can enjoy high-quality common incubation services, value-added services, collaborative services, investment and financing services, policy services, etc. can help the incubating enterprises grow rapidly.